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Recommended Links

Alley Cat Allies - dedicated to protecting and providing advocacy for cats - an excellent resource for information about TNR

All About Spay Neuter Inc. - a Queens-based non-profit that provides TNR services in the five boroughs and on Long Island, including:
Shelters - features a variety of winter shelters to keep cats safe and warm
Drop traps - drop traps for trapping cats who are difficult to trap
Colony management - information and accessories for managing feral cat colonies, including information about feeding stations, nutrition, and socializing feral kittens

Participating NYCFCC Organizations - a coalition of animal care groups that work with the City of New York to promote dog and cat adoption and spay and neuter programs to make New York a no-kill city

Animal Alliance of Long Island - a coalition of animal shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals working to increase adoptions, education programs, and spay/neuter resources on Long Island

Kitten Little Rescue - non-profit dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned, abandoned, and sick kittens

Animal Balance - a non-profit organization of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and volunteers who implement TNR around the world

Spay USA - a program of North Shore Animal League America, Spay/USA is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services

Anjellicle cats - Manhattan-based cat rescue and adoption organization

Stray from the Heart - dog rescue organization dedicated to rehabilitation and adoption for homeless dogs

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